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Reading Education Graduate Program

Creating the Reading/Writing Portfolio (Doc)
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Guidelines for Professional Improvement Plan
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Dr. Chhanda Islam, Co-coordinator - 3245 Alexander Hall, 270-809-6868

Dr. Sharon Gill, Co-coordinator - 3207 Alexander Hall, 270-809-2534

The College of Education at Murray State University provides graduate programs in Reading for candidates seeking Masters and 30-Above certification. Candidates in the Masters may take coursework that meets requirements for the Reading/Writing Endorsement for Grades P-12.

Students must apply for admission to the Graduate Program. Students should read the MSU Graduate Bulletin carefully and consult with their advisor. Program guide sheets also provide information on each program:

The graduate programs in Reading Education are guided by the MSU College of Education's Conceptual Framework with its theme of Educator as Reflective Decision-Maker. Coursework in the programs are designed to help each candidate develop dispositions that will enable them to become an educator who is:

  • Tolerant - Considers new ideas, alternative possibilities, different perspectives, and people representing a variety of differences without prejudice or bigotry.
  • Responsible - Considers consequences and makes decisions in a rational and thoughtful manner or the welfare of other; acts with integrity to pursue an objective with thoroughness and consistency.
  • Enthusiastic - Shows eager and passionate interest; focuses on tasks that relate to beliefs.
  • Caring - Demonstrates devotion, compassion, and regard for the welfare of others.
  • Confident - Exhibits certainty about possessing the ability, judgment, and internet resources needed to succeed as a teacher.
  • Ethical - Conforms to accepted professional standards of conduct by making decisions based on knowledge of moral principles and inner convictions.

Further, the programs were designed in accord with the Kentucky Teacher Standards and the International Reading Associations's Standards for Reading Professionals.