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Endorsement in Environmental Education


The Center for Environmental Education at Murray State University was the first program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to offer an endorsement in environmental education.

However, prior to receiving their approval for an endorsement program, MSU offered a less extensive 'specialization in environmental education.' Even during the earlier specialization program, several notable individuals have received training through The Center for Environmental Education, like:

- Ann Wright, former Director of the Land Between the Lakes, Tennessee Valley Authority;

- Nancy Theiss, first woman to direct the education division, Kentucky Division of Fish and Wildlife Resources;

- Tim Kempf, CEO of Adventure Experiences, Houston, Texas

These persons are examples of how the earlier specialization in environmental education, a less formalized approach that preceded the EE Endorsement, has already served many individuals.

Who Should Seek the Endorsement

The EE Endorsement has the purpose of providing individuals interested in environmental education the opportunity to have training that meets national standards developed by the North American Association for Environmental Education. This endorsement allows persons with a teaching certificate to add this to their teaching certificate.

Individuals interested in being leaders in environmental education in their school system or their classroom would benefit by taking courses that culminate in the endorsement in environmental education. Having the endorsement in environmental education signifies an achievement in the field and recognizes that certain requirements have been accomplished.

When May A Person Take the Endorsement in EE?

Any elementary, middle school, secondary, and special education major that has their initial teaching certificate may take the endorsement at any one of the following levels:

  • Master’s Degree
  • Fifth Year Program
  • Rank I Level
  • As a separate program just for the purpose of completing the endorsement

What two courses are required for the Endorsement in EE and when are they offered?

EDU 515 Introduction to Environmental Education – Offered Fall Semester

EDU 664 Techniques of Teaching Environmental Education – Offered Spring Semester

What other classes are offered that would complete the Endorsement in Environmental Education and when are they offered?

EDU 665 Field Experiences in Environmental Education – Offered Summer (June)

EDU 668 Agriculture and the Environment in the Classroom – Offered Summer (May/June)

EDU 667 Environmental Education in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland – Offered in conjunction with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies – Summer (July)

EDU 663: Workshops in Environmental Education–Offered in the Fall and Spring of each year with specific topics such as: (a) The Arts and the Humanities in the Environment, (b) Photography, (c) Digital Photography, (d) Project EASE ,and numerous other topics.

(Remember you are only permitted to take nine hours or three courses of

EDU 663, workshops. If you have questions about this please do not hesitate

to contact us)

What if I do not want to take the endorsement in environmental education? What other option is there for me if I want to take environmental education classes?

Graduate students may take environmental education classes as a collection of courses to meet individual needs within a personal or professional development program, to fill a specific set of skills, or to meet elective requirements.


Environmental Education Endorsement Advising Sheet

PDF Format: Environmental Education Advising Sheet

DOC Format: Environmental Education Advising Sheet


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